2018 Live Stream

Can't travel?

Enjoy the seminar all four days from the comfort of your home or shop live streaming from ElectrumTV

*Many of our live streamers last year listened to the audio on their phone while they tattooed 

With a live streaming ticket, you'll get...

40 Live online seminars streaming The Impact Project's 2018 Conference from ElectrumTV

This is 25 hours of career changing information for the cost of only about $12/seminar


Nick Baxter
Steve Butcher
Durb Morrison
Melissa Ferranto
Jake Meeks
Rob Smead
Alex Ellis
Bony Tony 
Brandon Williams
Riley & Erin Smith


You'll also get a free replay of all of the live stream content. The free replay is valued at $650. You'll receive both the live stream and the replay for $500.


Lastly, all of the detailed reference material handed out during the conference will be emailed to you 3 days before the conference so you'll have time to get it printed and ready before the live stream. 

    You'll receive the material in the form of a PDF outline with nearly 600 pages of information, resources, and screenshots, so it's highly recommended to get this printed ahead of time so you can later use it a guide with all of your notes already in the pages. This will produce the best result for your investment in the live stream ticket. 


    Live streaming tickets will be up for sale soon!