“I absorbed so much from each seminar that my brain hurts from all the great information. I’ll return to my studio and businesses and take them to the next level. The part that stood out the most was the willingness of the educators to really give crucial insights into how they go about their art of business. Great event!” – Durb Morrison, Owner/Artist at Red Tree Tattoo Gallery, Promoter of Hell City Tattoo Festival, Owner True Tattoo Supply, 27 year industry professional 


“The Impact Project has helped me grow as an artist and a shop owner. I feel like I received a lifetime of knowledge in a 4 day time period. Personally, I feel like if every tattooer and shop owner took this and applied this knowledge then the entire tattoo industry would make evolutionary leaps in the right direction. I came into this conference booked out for 12 months and trying to run a shop at the same time. I was overwhelmed to say the least and didn’t know how to get the balance back in my life. Now I have a game plan and will never be able to repay the peace of mind this has given me.” – Tommy Altman, Tattooer 6 years, Shop Owner at Sandbridge Tattoo


“From the first to the last day there were zero shortcomings. The entire crew put in tremendous amounts of hard work. The preparation that went into this made it a highly effective event and I know because of the superior knowledge and relationships I was able to gain. The Impact Project is stepping up to the plate at a pivotal point in tattoo history to where knowledge and education is crucial. If someone doesn’t find this seminar useful, then they just don’t belong in our industry. The extensive knowledge passed by such as amazing group of successful professionals was life changing. I would recommend it to the entire tattoo community.” – Dan Nicolari, Tattooer 4 years 


"It's very enlightening to see such an evolved perspective of business management. A game changer." - Gabriel Luna, Tattooer 4 years, Medellin, Colombia


"I loved it! I feel I will be able to integrate the tools here to streamline my process and boost my productivity without sacrificing massive amounts of time. The tools provided are things I didn't think to implement. Also 'client management and the booking process' was fucking magical. I came into this seminar with a great grasp on how to do things, but the things taught within this are a game changer. It doesn't matter how much you 'think' you know, this course is PURE GOLD!!" - Mike Shultz, Tattooer 7 years


“The seminars blew my mind at how in-depth and thought out every detail was like it was down to a science. It’s so informative and unique, truly bettering our industry and communities by informing tattooers and holding them to a higher standard.” – Alicia VanCuren, Tattooer 7 years


“My entire career has been focused on the artistic aspects of the craft and developing my skills as a painter so the marketing, promotion, technology, and business management content covered here was very informative, eye-opening, and incredibly valuable in helping me see other areas of my career and life which could be improved. Great group atmosphere. There’s comprehensive coverage of multiple aspects of the tattoo industry with very useful, practical information.” – Nick Baxter, Tattooer 18 years  


“Absolutely blown away! The Impact event was a warm and welcoming environment that offered a concrete path to the next step in anyone’s career no matter what level they are at in the tattoo industry. It was packed with actionable information, there’s no way someone could walk away with a shortage. Since day 1 I have been rewriting my entire career path. I have more tools now than I ever did before. It was everything I was missing in my business. This event second to none.” – Michael McGough, Owner/Tattooer 15 years


“The impact of the material and those gracious enough to share it is, at its core, an invitation to transform every aspect of one’s life, one’s work, and even one’s very heart and soul. I found profound value in every aspect of the experience and consider it among the best investments I’ve made both as an industry member and as an individual. The Impact Project is the premier source of transformational content in our ever growing and evolving journey to self-actualization as an artist, owner, and individual. I am forever changed by the vision of my future as framed through my solid gold road to greatness! Essentially, this seminar is the ‘limitless’ pill. The value is immeasurable. I would without reservation recommend this as a benchmark to anyone seeking to ignite massive career growth.” – Cat Johnson, Tattooer/Shop owner 15 years


"I talk, consult, design, draw, tattoo and post... IM DOING EVERYTHING I SHOULD (at least I thought). After taking this seminar, I realized I'm only preforming at half capacity. If you take the information and 'work it' I believe the change will be huge! The change in networking, marketing and execution will benefit the income and freedom we can have from the career that we love. I recommend this workshop to anyone in the business."  Kenny Slone, Tattooer 15 years


“The Impact Project is fucking awesome! It was worth it by lunchtime on the first day. I would highly recommend this experience for all tattoo artist old and new.” – Josh Meyers, Tattooer 7 years


“The experience was awesome. I never even thought of some of these strategies before. This will benefit my shop to keep growing and hold a higher standard. This conference is incomparable. I hope to come again next year.” – Andre Willis, Manager/Tattooer 17 years


“The experience impacted my whole career and the ways I can strive for more success. The interactions were incredible!! This is like none other!! It’s a game changer!!!” – Antonio Mujica, Tattooer 8 years


“This has been a tremendous experience! They have managed to pack a lifetime of worth of learning in 4 days. There is literally no ceiling- no limit. It has changed my perspective on almost everything. So jam packed.” – Steve Cochran, Tattooer/Manager 7 years


“The information was priceless. Taking my beginning steps into the industry, having the ability to obtain such information and communicate amongst the artists and leaders that attended will never be forgotten. Everyone walked away a better tattooer.” – Michael Hockman, Tattooer 6 months


“Even if this had ended after the second day it still would have been worth every penny. If I had taken this seminar years ago it would have saved me so much time and frustration. I can’t say enough good things about my time at this conference. Invaluable information not only from the presenters but also from my fellow artists.” – Joe Wood, Tattooer 14 years, Head artist and shop manager


"This information will benefit my future positively, professionally, and personally. I didn't know how much I didn't know about the industry. It was an eye opening experience and the most informative seminar I've ever seen." - Akos Strenner, Tattooer 10 years, London, UK


"You couldn’t ask for more useful information. From the seminars to talking to everyone around you, it sheds lights on so many different perspectives of any situation in the tattoo industry. Nothing could have been better about it. – Russ Hagerman, Tattooer 4 years


1st Attendance “I am going to school for business, been to seminars, and studied [marketing] and didn’t have half the knowledge. Three years of studying on my own didn’t equal one day in the Impact Workshop. I feel in the next 3-6 months my client base will double and ensure more return clients. I felt I had a grasp on everything and was doing a great job, but I was proved very very wrong. 100% likely to recommend and intend on taking this course again.”

2nd Attendance “Impact has provided me with the knowledge and tools I desperately needed. The content given is so intense. There are so many things that can be overlooked just taking it once. This event is invaluable for artists, managers, shop owners, or anyone looking to own a shop eventually. Moving forward, I feel that in applying what I’ve learned that my career will improve exponentially.” – Nathan Paul, Tattooer/Shop manager 2 years


“Impact is a must! Everyone, no matter what level of experience or expertise, you must grow as a business. You can’t afford not to be here. The handouts, sheets, and guidelines offered in the book alone were worth the price of admission.” – Aaron Mrozik, Owner of One Drop Ink


“It takes a lot of the guess work out and to be surrounded by like-minded individuals in an open, knowledge-filled environment is invaluable.” – Anthony Malichi, Shop Owner


“The comradery and the networking was top notch. It’s opened my brain up to new possibilities which is priceless. It’s jam-packed.” – Spirit, Tattooer 8 years


“Information super highway! I think this was a great event for any artist or owner that wants to gain as much knowledge as they can for the tools of the trade. If only I was able to attend this in the beginnings of my career it would have removed every frustration I had felt with managing a busy tattoo schedule and a business. It’s worth its weight in gold and will help anyone willing to learn.” – Chrissy Suralik, 8 Year Owner/Artist


“This was an amazing experience that covered all aspects of the business.” – Ray Aloy, Shop Owner 10 years


“This seminar was everything I needed it to be and more. It will for sure make me a better tattooer, a better employee, and a better owner one day when I take that step. What impressed me the most was the apparent hard work and dedication that was put into the whole event and the content. It changed my life. The information I got here will sky rocket my work, my home life, and my future crew.” – Chris Bowen, Tattooer 14 years


“This was a wealth of knowledge. Great organizers, great people.” - Unknown


“It’s been a great experience with so many days packed full of knowledge. It’s been great to sit with so many different artists, managers, and owners who have been willing to share their knowledge and experience.” - Zach Grove, Shop manager


“Well worth the time and money to come. It was a once in a lifetime experience.” – Spencer Holmes, Tattooer 2 years


“The information covered such a broad cross section of tattooing and the business of tattooing that it’s impossible not to be moved. I’ve taken away efficiency and marketing strategies beyond any expectation that I had coming in. I loved the environment and the openness. It’s unlike any event I have ever seen. EVERY person in the industry would gain valuable knowledge.” – Brandon Williams, Shop Manager, Consultant 


“The content that Impact passes on is invaluable to the growth of anyone in the tattoo world regardless of whether you’re a tattooer, manager, shop owner, or hell, even if you just clean the toilets! If you want to better yourself and make yourself more efficient, giving you more time to do whatever floats your boat, then attend one of these.” – Matthew Crow, Tattooer 8 years


“So much eye opening information, absolutely worth coming out. I would recommend this seminar to anyone looking to push forward whether an artist, manager, or owner. All the information is worth gold.” – Jennifer Bleem, Tattooer 7 years


“This is an environment where tattooers, owners, suppliers, etc. can discuss the craft, industry as a whole, and pushing the boundaries of what we are able to do. The open exchange of ideas is what drives any industry. It was refreshing, entertaining, and very valuable. I enjoyed it tremendously.” – Luke Clifford, Tattooer/Shop Owner 17 years


 “This experience was amazing. I truly believe it will completely change my entire career. Anyone could benefit from this.” – Brittany McCalister, Permanent make-up artist


“The impact Project gave the opportunity to meet and speak to so many artists, even those not speaking [on stage]. I didn’t realize how open everyone would be with their knowledge and experiences. I’ve got a new drive.” – Zoe Reed, Tattoo Apprentice


“The content is tremendous! ‘Impact’ is what it says.” – Sean Holmes, Tattooer 23 years


“There was so much information that was invaluable to fill the gaps in areas needing growth and improvement. The speakers shared their knowledge in ways that make it applicable to every day in our shop and industry. I found valuable information in every single segment. I appreciate that so many areas were covered. The people here really made it amazing. Impact is one of a kind. It would have taken years to learn all of this information on our own.” – Krystal Altman, Co-Owner/manager at Sandbridge Tattoo


“This experience has been invaluable to me. I’ve learned ways to work faster and more efficient. I would recommend this event to the most experienced of tattooers.” – Molly Selby, Tattooer/body piercer 2 years


“I’m moved deeply and proud there are other who care enough that have allowed me to build life changing relationships. I have expanded my mind, been humbled, and not afraid to meet new people no matter how awkward I am. I’m already looking forward to the next Impact Project.” – Odessa Rios, Shop Owner/ Artist 5 years


“The wealth of information for an artist or studio is incredible. Most artists are not educated on the business aspect of the industry and could gain so much here. All the speakers were so approachable. The insights discussed were invaluable to any artist or studio looking to move to the next level.” - Unknown 


“I was stoked to see how everything came together. It was very professional, organized, and informative. The connections and information gained are invaluable and will help tremendously, even to me as a distributor and supplier. It was nice to have an event that goes outside of just the application of tattoos.” – Rob Smead, Owner of Electrum Tattoo Supply, 23 year industry professional


“This week brought up so many great questions I had, then answered them all. Each speaker gave very informative upfront solutions to the problems I had. I feel like I have more confidence and structure now. The seminars were very in-depth and the one-on-one time exceeded my expectations. I’d definitely come back again. There is a mountain of knowledge to gain here.” – Corey Clark, Tattooer 5 years


“I came into this not knowing what to expect and I’m leaving so happy I came. I learned so much about business and techniques to expand and grow.” – Elisheba Mrozik, Owner/Artist 6 years


“This seminar was so informative, every one of the speakers was so nice and helpful. So much fun I’d do it again and recommend it to other artists.” – Chris Vann, Owner/Artist at Fallen Saint Tattoo


“I felt that this experience was full of knowledge from all areas and all levels. I’m already planning on changing and advancing my legacy. Thank you for my arsenal, thank you for my war.” – Adam Stoner, Tattooer/Shop owner 7 years


“It was well thought out and incredibly insightful on issues I had no answers for I would highly recommend it to any artist interested in advancement and furthering their career. I feel my long term goals can now be achieved by the vast amount of knowledge gained from this seminar.” – Robin Wilcoxson, Tattooer 13 years


"I learned a lot in this seminar. It was very detailed, easy to follow, and informative. I feel the information given will help my daily workflow and growing my client base for future work. Melissa is a very professional, modern day business owner. She helps tattooers grow with the modern day technology and understanding their uses on the highest level.”  - Nick McNulty, Tattooer 8 years


“The approach was great. It was set up in an easy to understand format which I think I can put into use with ease. I don’t think there was any aspect that I won’t use in the future. It shows great ways to access new clients. I think it will prove to be a great asset to the business and help grow my shop into something more than I ever could have without this seminar.” Eddie Williams, Tattooer 29 years, Shop Owner of Wicked Skinsations


"I felt like so much was covered that you would've had to just figure it out yourself the hard way. I look forward to building my ideal business and clientele with all this knowledge." - Bianca Sky, Tattooer 3 years


"This was amazing. This workshop has, and will affect the growth of my career for the rest of my life. Very excited to put into action what I've learned here."  - Bradford Smith, Tattooer 9 years


“This event was the most informative event I have ever attended and will recommend it to everyone I know. It was worth so much more than the cost. There’s nothing else like it.” - Unknown 


1ST Attendance "This was very useful with so much information and resources for professional growth. This will help me now and in the future to be a better professional, a better artist, and better shop owner. I would recommend this to all of my friends."

2nd Attendance “This was the second time I did the workshop and it’s even better than the first time, like a whole new seminar. It was easy to understand with specific things to apply to your professional, personal, artistic growth. It’s the most insightful one I’ve ever taken. I feel like the information will take the work I’m doing now and help me to change things for the better. This seminar was a river of knowledge.” - Felipe Xavier, Tattooer 4 years, Shop Owner of Ink33 Tattoo Studio, San Paulo, Brazil 


"Melissa takes the hard work out and makes it step by step so clearly laid out it will basically save you years of work trying to figure out and know the most effective way to do it. This is MANDATORY to teach you with a lot less worry and help you save money, run a smooth and efficient shop, and get the clients you need! I have taken a lot of great classes, with this one being one of my favorites and one I got the most out of! The breakdown of this was easy to follow and actually lets you see how to do it, not leaving you wondering what to do with a great idea. I mean, if you can't leave here with this binder and apply these steps, you're simply not trying!!!! Great information." - Chris Taylor, tattooer 26 years, Shop Owner of Ink Therapy Tattoo Indiana, Promoter of Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo 


1ST Attendance "Impact was one of the best seminars I've ever taken. It was informative, easy to understand with clear cut direction on how to put everything into action. It's exactly what I needed to elevate my business. Very clear and direct information."

2nd Attendance “This is my second time taking this workshop and it was even more motivational to hear the new additions. The content is laid out in an easy to digest format making it clear which steps I need to take to reach my goals. This was a game changing experience. 100% would recommend to anyone looking to elevate to the next level. It’s a direct game plan to engineer my career to exactly what I want it to be.” - Bethany Lackey, Tattooer 3 years


"This will completely change the way I do everything. I had no idea how much I needed this, especially to progress as an artist and set goals I never thought I'd be able to achieve." - Sterling Grice, Tattooer 8 years 


"As a promoter and business owner, I found all the information extremely insightful and informative. I would definitely recommend this.”  - Scott Medjesky, Promoter of Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo


"I came into this seminar not knowing what to expect, but after experiencing it, so many things are relatable, even if you aren't a tattooer. It gives you a so much direction on how to run a shop, taking the guess work right out of it." - Stevee Cervantes, Shop Manager


"It's straight to the point. It was the most in-depth seminar I've ever taken and extremely insightful." - Chase Campbell, Body Modification Artist 10 years


"I actually thought about quitting tattooing before taking this workshop." - Shane Prater, Tattooer 2 years


"In our ever growing industry and our ever increasing presence on mobile devices and social media, it is imperative to have this information in order to maximize our exposure." - Stephen Taylor, Tattooer 14 years


"I loved the workshop because it isn't just applicable to tattooers. As a studio manager and tattoo removal tech this is hands down the most important seminar I could have chosen to take. Super motivating and the systems explained are thorough and well thought out." - Brittany Bose, Studio Manager, Removal Tech


"I felt that it was very informative and helpful to all tattooers. She covers multiple aspects in the industry to help grow yourself and your business. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to better themselves." - Chonna Colbert, Co-owner of Infamous Ink 


"The workshop was extremely useful. Game changing. The information will help me in everything I do and also prepare me for when I open my own shop. There's nothing she didn't cover. I feel like everything I've learned can be easily applied and definitely help me to better myself and my career." - Ryan Jenkins, Tattooer 8 years


"I feel very prepared for a strong career. Honestly everything talked about today has had a major impact on how I will plan my future."  - Josh Jackson, Tattoo Apprentice


"The workshop was a great experience for me in the entire business aspect. This will benefit my future tremendously. There's a lot I learned that I can use from branding, to consultations, to cultivating a return clientele." - Susy Jenkins, Aspiring shop owner


"This will definitely make everything easier, less stressful, and more productive. Everything was so informative and I can't wait to start applying it!" - David Riley, Tattooer 8 years


"I feel like I can take a lot from this to build structure and help me reach my goals. I highly recommend this seminar because I definitely took a lot from it that I had never thought of before and that I feel will really help me contribute more to the shop and reach my goals even faster!"  Cierra Taylor, Tattoo Apprentice, Shop Manager


"I'm going to go back and share this with my entire shop. I had a great time taking in the knowledge of other artists, shop owners, and how they make their businesses run well." - Nick Read, Tattooer and Shop Owner of Lucky Cat Tattoo Studio


"I like how it was put together to be up to date and modern. I noticed a lot of the other stuff I've read has been outdated. I know this will help me with creating more clientele and keeping them organized. I feel it will help me a lot right now at the point my career is at. It was very personal and well put together.” - Garret Hudson, Tattooer 4 years


1st Attendance "I'd been thinking about parts of this conceptually, but this workshop really helped to put it all in perspective and bring it full circle."

2nd Attendance “I had a great time at the first Impact seminar and I’m glad that I could be a part of it again. It’s opened my eyes to many facets of the industry that I think will help my career go to the next level and change the way I handle business completely. I think the systems taught here will streamline a lot of issues that were stressing me out. I was very comfortable at The Impact Project. I found it easy to meet new people and make new connections. I’m excited to see what is next for Impact and cannot wait for the next event.” - Nicholas Gagnon, Tattooer 6 years 


"Everything I learned will gear me towards being a better piercer, not only for me, but for my clients. The workshop was extremely thorough. I would recommend this seminar to ALL of my friends" - Jessica Carr, Body Piercer 1 year 


1st Attendance "It was extremely useful, especially to someone just starting off in the industry. It was a beautifully crafted workshop. Anyone could take something from this."

2nd Attendance “This was my second time taking the Impact Workshop. Definitely an eye opening experience as far as learning what I could and should be doing to become a better artist and ‘business person’. It’s nice to know I’ll be on the right path and nice to learn how to stay on a positive path to attain my goals. I feel like this information will ALWAYS be relevant. Regardless of anyone’s level of experience, this was such an inspiring and positive experience that no matter what, this can open your eyes to a new world of evolution and growth.” - Dani Dregs, Tattoo Apprentice 


“I have owned a tattoo shop for 7 years, but have been feeling very stagnant as of late. This seminar is just what I needed! It helped me realize my original reasons for why I wanted to own a studio in the first place. It also helped me feel empowered as a leader again. Thank you for sharing your expertise and useful tips that I can apply at my studio. I loved it all!” – Melanie Kehoe, Shop owner 7 years


“I think this was a very positive and encouraging seminar. I think just putting what was discussed into my daily routine will benefit a lot in my performance and make me that much more ambitious to progress.” – Loren Osborne, Tattooer


“The seminar offered a lot of very useful information on studio management. I found it to be very helpful in terms of tactics and techniques that I can build off of as an owner. I was especially interested in the incites on building a strong team. I think this seminar gave me many useful tools to employ moving forward and working towards building the shop that I envision for the future.” – Jake Pooler, Tattooer and Shop Owner 9 years


“Great experience! There are so little field based business tips for handling the situations that arise in shops. Everything that was covered was pertinent and eye opening. The part that stood out the most was the specifics on how to handle difficult situations and when to realize that a person just isn’t the right fit. These are some of the hardest things that a business owner can face. Now we can structure the change we want to see.” – Melissa Sink, Tattooer and Shop Owner 3 years